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The library is a central service unit of the college and offers a wide range of collections and resources to support campus instruction, research, and service and owns about 6398 volumes. An online catalogue (OPAC) provides access to all books and journals held by the library.

The library system is a decentralized system with resources housed in a central library.

Library Details :

S.NO Particulars Statistics
1 Room Area 1800 Sq.ft
2 seating capacity 100
3 Total No. of Books 6398
4 No. of Titles 3502
5 Textbooks 6024
6 Reference Books 324
7 Journals 10
8 Encyclopaedia 50
9 Internet Available with UGC N-List Online E-Resources Package
10 Model Record Note 250
11 CD’S 80
12 Audio cassettes 9
13 General Magazines 3
14 Daily News Papers 3

Library Time :9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  •  ID cards can be received from the Librarian.
  •  ID cards are not transferable. Members are responsible for the books borrowed on their ID cards.
  •  ID card has to be produced at the time of borrowing books.
  •  Loss of the ID card should be reported immediately to the Librarian in written format.
  •  Signing in the Gate register at the entrance as a token of acceptance to adhere to the rules of the library is mandatory.
  •  Taking unauthorized materials inside the library is prohibited.
  •  Strict silence should be observed in the library books.
  • No marking should be made in the library.
  •  If found guilty, for any damage caused to the books or other property, replacement has to be arrangement immediately by the payment penalty.
  • Misbehaviour in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and initiation of serious disciplinary action.


  • A Student is entitled to keep a books for 15days from the date of issue. For staff members the period of keeping is 15days only.
  • One time renewal for a book is allowed provided there are no reservations. For renewal, members must bring the book in person.
  • Reference books, periodicals and copies of University examination question paper will not be lent out.
  • Members on receiving books shall check them before leaving the library and report to the Librarian, if any damage is noticed.
  • The Librarian may recall any book at any time, even if the normal period of borrowing has not expired.
  • Absence from the college will not be permitted as an excuse for delay in returning the books.


For default of return books on the due date, a fine of Rs.5 –per day and Rs.1/- from 2nd week onwards will be levied.


Loss of books should be reported to the librarian immediately in written and the member should either replace it with another copy or pay twice the cost of the book to overdue charges.


Members may suggest through staff to the librarian about the purchase of any useful text book or reference book, which may not be available in the library or for which the number of copies is not sufficient.


System Details:

1.Computer (Acer)

  • CPU – 6 Nos.
  • Monitor – 6 Nos.
  • Keyboard – 6 Nos.
  • Mouse – 6 Nos.

2.Speaker(Spark) – 6 Nos.

3.Internet Facility to access OPAC (Online Public Access Catelogue)




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